Broadband Sells Houses

Don’t let slow broadband hold up your house sale…

Fast rural broadband is of paramount importance to the successful completion of almost all modern day property sales. Often we are approached by concerned prospective home buyers looking to progress on a property sale but have one major concern; SLOW existing broadband.

After ongoing enquiries, we flipped this service to pro-actively assist sellers as a priority over reactively responding to enquiries from concerned buyers.

Zupafast Broadband now offers a site survey option to property sellers. We carry out and demonstrate 4G broadband speed and stability tests. We also test and demonstrate everyday-life digital TV & movie streaming, gaming, video conferencing services e.t.c. Once the site survey is complete we provide a detailed report outlining actual performance of key online services available at the property.

We can also leave a tailored interim solution in place that provides full speeds throughout the property and thus, real time, on the day assurance to prospective buyers during the viewing itself. We enable our clients to provide potential buyers with the confidence that alternative 4G broadband will deliver a fast, reliable service and help move the property sale to completion.