5G Ultrafast Broadband

Ultrafast 5G Mobile Broadband

5G can deliver speeds of up to 400Mbps. Your current devices don’t need to be 5G compatible either. You simply connect to your home hub exactly as you would with standard wired broadband.

5G broadband is far more susceptible to significant signal loss through external property walls. This means your speeds will be much slower inside the house. zupafast will help you get round this problem.

Our 5G installations are designed to significantly amplify the signal strength to your existing 5G home home hub. You simply take out a contract with your service provider. We fit and expertly position a powerful external directional antenna (including running ethernet cables into your property).

The result?… dramatic improvements to your 5G in home speeds. We can also assist with full WiFI signal through your entire property and to external buildings.

zupafast 5G external antenna installations minimise this signal loss meaning your home broadband will be much, much faster than a standard 5G set up.

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